Pantanal Escapes


Birdwatching provides visitors with an opportunity to see some of the Pantanal's most beautiful and most spectacular wildlife. With around 600 species in the Pantanal and surrounding area, you can be assured of variety.

Select the links below to learn about several of the bird species that you might see during a Pantanal trip.
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Tuiuiu or Jabiri Stork in the Pantanal, Brazil
Amazon kingfisher in the Pantanal, Brazil
Turkey Vulture in flight over the Pantanal, Brazil
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Banner: Toco Toucan (Shutterstock/Mircea Bezergheanu)
Footer images: Tuiuiú, Turkey Vulture(
Andrew Mercer); Amazon Kingfisher (Shutterstock/Ecoventurestravel)