Pantanal Escapes


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At the city gate, there is a tourist information with data on routes, prices and accredited agencies. The city is still not as well known as Bonito, is ideal therefore for those who prefer less agitation. In addition, some attractions in the region have recently begun to be explored and are still trying to set up a visitation structure.

In Jardim, it is possible practicing the surface diving in places like River Plate, where the transparency of its waters allows the observation of aquatic vegetation and fish. The inn and farms are made with musical performances violates wheels, accompanied by tereré, typical local drink.


Monumento Histórico dos Heróis da Retirada da Laguna
A 3 km from Jardim on the banks of the Rio Miranda
In the Cemetery of Heroes are buried dozens of fighters, officials and the conductor of the troops José Francisco Lopes, the Guia Lopes, victimized by cholera during the Paraguayan War, a few days of arrival in Nioaque.


Buraco das Araras
Fazenda Alegria, 31 km from the Jardim BR-267, towards Porto Murtinho. Time: from 8 to 17 h
Abrupt depression of circular shape, also called Dolina, 500 m in circumference and 126 of depth to the surface of a lake. It was discovered in 1912 by the first habitants of the region and according to testimonies, served for disposal of objects and indesejáeis people to the society of the time. The das Araras Hole name came up because of the large number of red macaws that lived there. The disturbance caused by visitors made their presence diminished. The sinkhole is surrounded by trails that go through a typical cerrado vegetation, and lead to the point where a rappel descent is made to meet inside. Admission: R $ 4.
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Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata
Recanto Ecológico, 40 km from the Jardim BR-267.
From 8 to 15 h, with residence until 18 h

A trail through the riparian forest of the River Plate, which are seen orchids, bromeliads, toucans and monkeys, 50 minutes long, takes visitors to the source of the River Eye D'water, an aquarium crystal clear waters, dive starting point . The lazy river helps people in the practice of scuba diving, facilitates the observation of resurgencias, which are groundwater welling up from the river sand bottom, and fish as piraputangas, dorado and pintado. The bottom of the river should not be touched, not to muddy the water.

The diving equipment is supplied by agencies. The average length of the ride (R $ 40) is four hours.

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Lagoa Misteriosa
Fazenda Santa Maria, 40 km from the Jardim BR-267, towards Porto Murtinho, coming right at km 30 and following for another 7 km.
It is located at the bottom of a limestone depression about 80 m deep and 40 m in diameter, with two gaps: one with 60 m depth with other not yet defined where merguladores reached 220 me not sighted the background. Its water is clear due to the presence of sodium bicarbonate, with temperature ranging from 25 to 27 ° C. You can observer the vegetation of the pond margins to 20 meters deep. The "mysterious" name is linked to the strange sounds that people hear in February near the pond, like aircraft and indigenous drums turbines. The tour includes visiting caves with basements of more than 30 m in length, as the Curé Cave, as well as observation of the River Plate springs, walking trails which are seen peccaries, pacas and deer.
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Buraco das Abelhas e Grutas da Figueira
Fazenda Figueira, 70 km from the Garden BR-267
They are held in visits calcareous caves, like the Sapo, Jucá and the Buraco das Abelhas. Horse riding show the daily work with cattle, and allow to know the animals of the region as deer, emus and pacas.

Sanctuário da Prata
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 23 km Jardim, the BR-267, towards Porto Murtinho.
From 8 to 17 h
A 2.5 km trail through the riparian forest of the River Plate takes you to the starting point of free diving for observation of aquatic life. An inflatable boat is available for people who prefer shipped down the river. After the tour is prepared a typical lunch (US $ 7). The activities last for one full day, recommended the arrival of visitors at 8 o'clock in the morning. Horseback tours are conducted to observe the fauna and flora. You have place for camping and bathing. Admission: R $ 10.

Fazenda Pousada Jatobá
There are 15 km, access by the BR-267, towards Porto Murtinho.
This hostel offers nine rooms with bathroom, air conditioning and minibar. The daily is $ 70 per person including all meals. The tours are conducted in groups of five, allowing the contemplation of the local fauna and flora and observation of farm daily, in activities such as dealing with cattle and milking cows. It has ponds for kayaking and fishing, swimming pools and sports fields. Prepare meals typical also for visitors.

Balneário Municipal do Rio da Prata
A 32 km from the Jardim BR-267, towards Porto Murtinho. From 8 to 17 h
It has an area for water sports, three snack bars, grills, places for diving and rides on tracks with watching animals like capybaras, agoutis and tapir. Fishing is prohibited.

Fazenda Santa Maria
A 40 km from Jardim on the road to Porto Murtinho
A rappel descent takes visitors to the Cave of the Curé, which has dozens of speleothems. Hiking trails are held in the gallery forest of the Plata river with observation peccaries, monkeys, birds and alligators.
History (Jardim)
The brothers Gabriel and Jose Francisco Lopes were responsible for clearing the south of the state to the border with Paraguay. In 1846, Gabriel Lopes has created a livestock farm on the banks of the Rio Apa. On May 8, 1867, during the War of Paraguay, José Lopes was chosen to lead a troop of 1,500 men, Colonel Carlos Camisão. Began their march in Bela Vista, toward Nioaque in Mato Grosso do Sul, route done in 35 days under heavy Paraguayan persecution, hunger and disease. Still, the guide José Lopes drove safely the troop for 52 km, until May 27, 1867, when he died of cholera a few days of crossing the Rio Miranda, last obstacle before the final destination. In his honor, the municipality where he was buried was named Guia Lopes da Laguna, where the Historical Monument of Laguna Withdrawal of Heroes was built. The fertile fields and a good supply of water favored the establishment of farms dedicated to cattle breeding, which contributed to the settlement of the lands of the current municipality, founded on 14 May 1946. The Garden District was created two years later, on 13 september 1948, with its incorporation into the municipality of Bela Vista. His political and administrative emancipation took place on December 11, 1953.
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Toyota Bandeirante jeep in the Pantanal
Amazon kingfisher in the Pantanal
Sunrise in the Pantanal
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Photo Credits: Buraco das Araras, Jardim MS (Mario Ray Borg)