Pantanal Escapes

Discover Brazil's Wild Wonderland

This nostalgic video shows the last passenger service of the old Pantanal Train (Trem do Pantanal) in 1994. The original service was inaugurated in 1914, running between Campo Grande and Miranda - being extended onwards to Corumbá (and connection with the Bolivian service) in 1952.

The old passenger service was cut in 1994. However, it was reborn in 2009 as premium tourist service (with newer more comfortable carriages). The new Trem do Pantanal runs between Campo Grande and Miranda, via Aquidauana. The new service runs weekly, leaving from Campo Grande at 7:30am on Saturday mornings, and returns from Miranda at 8:30am on Sunday morning. Its a slow journey, taking 11 hours each way - although this probably apt for something billed as a scenic experience. Hopefully the remaining stretch between Miranda and Corumbá will also be resurrected in the near future, as this would take the train into the heart of the Pantanal and provide even better wildlife viewing experiences.

As at 2014, the current fare, one-way, between Campo Grande and Miranda was R$150. More details can be found at:

The music in this video is a Sertaneja classic - Trem do Pantanal by Almir Sater