Pantanal Escapes

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This video (from Vimeo) show documentary footage relating to the Guarani-Kaiowá indians' attempt to take back some of their land in 2003. They occupied 14 farms which were formerly part of their traditional territory. However, the Brazilian court soon ruled in the landowners' favour - ordering that the farms be returned to the farm owners.

This documentary captures both sides - including the indians' desire for the return of lands they feel were wrongfully taken, and the farmers' desire to return to their livelihoods. Many of these farmers have small farms, and may only earn a meagre existence themselves. They don't feel that their families should sacrifice for others' transgressions in the past. The documentary shows the difficulty of the situation. Also see the story: The Social cost of Brazil's biofuels expansion

In other countries the government has stepped in to help defuse and right past wrongs, by purchasing land from farmers in areas of conflict, returning it to indigenous owners and allowing the farmers to start their lives again in a new location. However, its uncertain if this is a strategy which the Brazilian or Mato Grosso do Sul state government is likely to use. The matter is still being played out in the courts. Unfortunately, several of the Guarani-Kaiowá have already lost their lives in the conflict.