Pantanal Escapes

Discover Brazil's Wild Wonderland

This is a video (from Vimeo) produced by Panthera showing life on a fazenda that the group runs in the Pantanal. Although Panthera is a conservation group, aiming to establish protected areas for Jaguar - they also realise that the people and culture of the Pantanal have a role to play. The solution is as much about respecting people as respecting the wildlife.

As such, part of the fazenda's purpose is to promote sustainable ranching methods (e.g. not overgrazing) while also leaving space for the region's wildlife. Because jaguars and other wildlife can't exist in isolation, Panthera is also working with others in the region to negotiate open (unfenced) corridors where animals are free to roam and migrate without getting trapped or fenced in. More information is available on Panthera's Pantanal Jaguar Project web page.